ClickCeaseAdvantages to Keeping your Upholstery Furniture Clean & Fresh
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Keeping up with cleaning your house can be hard!  Who wants to be indoors cleaning when you can be outside during the summertime?  Chem-Dry of Tampa can make your life easier by cleaning that harder-to-scrub furniture using their special techniques.  There are many advantages to regularly using upholstery services in your home. 

Some advantages include:

  • Increasing the life of your furniture:
    Dirt and stains are a part of life, especially if you have children or pets in the home.  Instead of throwing out furniture that is worn out, keeping up with regular upholstery cleaning can prolong the life of couches, chairs, love seats, and more.  
  • Boosting overall happiness and well-being:
    Studies have shown that when a home is clean and tidy, it rubs off on the people living there.  With each hour of cleaning a week, happiness increases by 53%!  
  • Getting rid of allergens:
    Say goodbye to allergens all year around.  Chem-Dry of Tampa's upholstery cleaning removes 99.1% of common allergens from furniture, letting you and others breathe freely!
  • Chem-Dry’s unique approach to upholstery
    We use a different approach to cleaning furniture than many of our competitors.  Chem-Dry of Tampa uses the power of carbonation to remove dirt and soil from surfaces.  This is all possible thanks to our green certified cleaning solution, The Natural

We invite you to learn more about the benefits of Chem-Dry of Tampa upholstery cleaning services.  Call today for more information along with a free quote!