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Halfway through the year and everyone is at home! Doesn’t everyone love summertime? The answer is always yes, but what we don’t love is the dirty shoes that the kids bring in the house, and the dripping swimsuits that get our floors wet! Not only can the water damage the wood floors, but it can lead to injuries from people slipping on the wet spots. That is the last thing anyone wants to happen!

Obviously it helps to have rugs and different ways to help people dry off before coming inside and that’s one way to help prevent water damage and injuries. What Chem-Dry can help with is the deeper stains that are in the rugs, as well as get rid of the stains that are in the grain of the wood floors. We use mineral water that protects the wood from damage. Not only do we help the wood get back in shape to what it originally was, but we also add a durable polish that leaves a protective layer, and helps your floors have that shine they need!

It’s always important to keep every part of your house clean as best you can, but with Chem-Dry, we help take care of some of those burdens to make your life easier. We do more than just wood floor cleaning! We also restore and clean area rugs, carpets, upholstery, and more by request. Let us help you with all your needs and get your house in tip top shape.

Another fun fact about this month is we are celebrating our 45-year anniversary of Chem-Dry! We are grateful for the opportunity that we have had to serve you and hope to continue for the next 45 years!