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I think you will agree with me when I say that rugs get wore down and dirty each day. With these time and money saving tips outlined below, you can dramatically preserve the life of your rug.  


Here are 9 easy tips to help maintain a clean, healthy rug: 

Tip #1 Know your rug, and any manufacture specifications 

Know the yarn and backing. Also, be aware if the manufacturer left any specific instructions for the maintenance of your rug. 

Tip #2 Rotate your rug in a high traffic area 

Consider having multiple rugs to rotate in high traffic areas. This rotation will preserve your rug in a high traffic area. 

Tip #3 Schedule regular professional cleanings 

Professional cleaning is the best way to ensure a long life for your rug. Professionals can reverse the day to day damage accumulated by your rug.  

Tip #4 Avoid direct sunlight on your rug 

Limit your rug's exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading. Consider closing the blinds when the room is not in use.  

Tip #5 Manage shedding from to keep from looking bare 

Vacuum 1-2 times weekly. Never pull on loose strands, always cut them back to size. 

Tip #6 Protect your rug from furniture  

Use protectors on the feet of furniture to prevent large divots or damage the pile. Make the legs of furniture are clean before placing them on the rug.  

Tip #7 Vacuum your rug regularly 

Vacuuming your rug will extend the life and beauty of it significantly. Vacuum at least 1-2 times weekly, even more for high traffic areas.  

Tip #8 Remove pet hair 

If there is stubborn pet hair or dirt in your rug consider using tools such as a carpet brush or carpet rake. 

Tip #9 Stain and spill clean up 

Blot up the spill using a clean cloth. Do not rub in the stain. Scrap up solid spills and then vacuum when dry.