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4 East Steps to Clean & Protect Your Leather Upholstery

Featured Image Learn the 4 easy steps to cleaning your leather upholstery...


Taking the Stress Out of Holiday Parties

Featured Image Holidays don't have to be stressful. Learn more about how Chem-Dry of Tampa can help you with the prep and clean-up of your party...


How to Remove Carpet Stains the Right Way

Featured Image Learn about the "Do's" and "Do Not's" when it comes to removing carpet stains...


Why Carbonation Extraction is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method

Featured Image Find out the two main reasons why carbonation extraction is the BEST carpet cleaning method in the industry!...


9 Easy Tips to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Rug Today!

Featured Image Here are 9 easy tips to not only maintain, but bring your rug back to life. Find out how here...


3 Crucial Reasons Why Chem-Dry's Green Solution is the Best Choice!

Featured Image Here are the 3 most crucial reasons why Chem-Dry's green solution is the best choice for your carpet. Click here to read more...


The Complete Beginners Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Featured Image The complete beginners guide to carpet cleaning will give you the knowledge you need to clean like a pro, WITHOUT having to pay a fortune. Click here to read more...


5 Simple Tips to Avoid Mold Growth in Your Carpet

Featured Image If not treated properly, water spills can promote the growth of mold. Here are 5 simple tips to avoid mold and other bacteria growth in your carpet...


Trust the Process

Featured Image With over 20 years of experience, Chem-Dry of Tampa is your trusted carpet cleaning service. Our results speak for themselves. Click to view before and after pictures of our services...


Chem-Dry Celebrates Earth Day Every Day

Featured Image Chem-Dry of Tampa and all other Chem-Dry locations are dedicated to keeping the environment green. We strive to make Earth Day every day with our green certified, non toxic, and safe solutions. Discover why Chem-Dry is a natural supporter of Earth Day!...


Tips to Help Reduce Indoor Allergens in Your Home

Featured Image Despite what you may think there are 2x - 100x more pollutants in indoor air than outdoor air. As normal outdoor pollutants like smog, pollen, and dust make their way into the home, they join other pollutants like pet dandruff and dust mites. These pollutants then have a greater chance of staying put and accumulating over time. Luckily, Chem-Dry of Tampa has some tips and tricks for you!...


What To Do When your Dog has an Accident in the House?

Featured Image Pet accidents can add stress to an already stressful day. Chem-Dry of Tampa has some advice to help prevent the accidents from happening and what to do when accidents do happen. Check out our blog post to learn more!...